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As far as our team and guests are concerned, the upgrade was a complete success!  The two gentlemen that were tasked with the upgrade were great.  They kept us informed every step of the way.  The transition was easy and all of our guests were able to continue internet usage even throughout the upgrade.  It was a very smooth process as a whole.  We’ve received nothing but positive feedback from our guests.  I’ve had no complaints since the upgrade and our guest satisfaction surveys have shown a big improvement in internet expectations.  I could not be happier with this upgrade; makes my job so much easier!

The amount of care and consideration your entire team has put into this endeavor is wonderful. With the internet that can be a real challenge, but HIS knew exactly what equipment was needed and how best to install it. The gentlemen who came to do the work were true professionals.  They were quick and efficient and the impact to our guests was minimal.

We have had many long term guests stay with us and fortunately some of them were here before the upgrade and after the upgrade.  They were able to give firsthand experience to just how much of an improvement this was.  Our survey scores have been up and no one has said anything about the internet going down.  It’s truly a big deal to us and our guests.

Matt Willis

Assistant General Manager – Larkspur Landing Folsom

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