Innisbrook Golf Resort

 “Innisbrook’s  previous Wi Fi systems were supposed to deliver property wide coverage, but never did, even as more APs were added. There were always problem locations where getting a signal was difficult, and other areas where connections were either slow or inconsistent. Once we made our Wi Fi move, we quickly discovered that on top of surprising performance increases delivered through its adaptive antenna technology, the Ruckus ZoneFlex system had a much lower total cost of ownership. Not only did we see lower capital costs from having to deploy fewer APs but we were able to deploy these systems much more quickly, in many cases using their Smart Mesh technology to overcome wiring limitations. The unique combination of these technologies and capabilities let us streamline the whole deployment process while delivering much stronger and faster Wi Fi throughout the entire property. Hotel Internet Services installed an extremely fast, reliable Wi-Fi network- Our guests are very happy with their Internet experience!”
Innisbrook Golf Resort IT Director J. Rigg White

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