Enhance Your Senior Living facility with fast secure wi-fi & The latest In-Room Entertainment!

Today’s Seniors want to be connected. Ensure you have Wi-Fi that is secure and easy to connect to and use.


– New top-of-the-line Wi-Fi systems
– Around the clock network monitoring
– Custom Analytics Dashboard
– 24x7x365 Tenant Support Services

“Providing a consistent and fast internet connection is something that simply is not up for negotiation in today’s world where virtually everyone regardless of age or background, seeks to access online services to communicate with the wider world. Partnering with HIS has proven to be a pivotal factor in not only providing residents with a service that they can fully trust to carry out daily tasks, such as paying bills or communicating with friends and family, but also has been essential for us in order to run a seamless operation and attract new residents.”
Director of Information Technology at Bishop Gadsden.


Whether a multifamily apartment complex, a student housing facility or an assisted living community, the presence of a reliable and seamless Wi-Fi service is critical to attracting and maintaining the satisfaction of customers in today’s hyper-connected world. Now equipped with a multitude of personal devices and seeking to perform an array of bandwidth-consuming online activities, your tenants not only expect but demand a fast, secure and consistent internet experience from any multi-dwelling based Wi-Fi service.

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