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Meeting Hotel Guest Wi-Fi Expectations in the Age of Hyper Connectivity and IoT

hotel guest wifi

How hospitality Wi-Fi services must evolve in order to meet today’s guest demands for fast, secure and multi-device compatible online connectivity that can provide access to personalized content.

It has often been said that in today’s hospitality environment, Wi-Fi as an amenity is as important to guests as running water. In fact, according to USA Today, statistics indicate that 65 percent of hotel guests are using Wi-Fi within seven minutes of arriving on-site. The statistics are hardly surprising, as the global culture is increasingly online, digital and interconnected. With consumers becoming ever more accustomed to instant access to communication, services and information, industries such as the hospitality market have identified the importance of providing Wi-Fi services to their customers. Yet to ensure full satisfaction and not risk damaging a property’s or group’s reputation, hoteliers must understand what today’s guests seek when using a hotel’s internet services. They must further understand how guest online behaviors and device preferences continue to evolve in order to meet the latest expectations.

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