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Giving Guests the Keys to Unlock Hotel Entertainment White Paper

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Giving Guests the Keys to Unlock Hotel Entertainment

How hoteliers are using technology to exceed guest expectations and provide their ideal stay experience

Since it was first introduced to mainstream consumers, personalized entertainment and service options have continued to transform the way that each of us define convenience and satisfaction, with one-size-fits-all offerings continuing to give way to experiences that can be tailored to fit unique preferences. Nowhere is this ongoing shift perhaps more apparent than in the way we access and view content, with the number of U.S. households now subscribed to personalized streaming services surpassing those subscribed to traditional cable TV or satellite providers for the first time in 2019.

Further still and according to Matrix Marketing Group, the number of streaming service subscribers throughout the United States now stands at 182 million, with market revenue expected to jump from $11.3 billion in 2018 to $125.6 billion by 2022.  Such examples demonstrate that consumers are not only making themselves clearly heard on the conveniences and customization they wish to receive from hotel entertainment services but are doing so at an ever faster rate.

Likewise following a skyward and increasingly rapid trajectory is the prevalence of platforms based on the Internet of Things (IoT) within home environments, even further familiarizing and accustoming consumers to lifestyles based on personalization and instant service. Recent statistics demonstrate that there are now 144.4 million smart homes within the U.S., with a fifth of all American consumers expected to purchase a smart-enabled device by the end of 2020.  From smart thermostats to locks and virtual assistant technology, the lives of today’s consumers are becoming ever more intertwined with technology and leading them to expect the same high level of customization and convenience wherever they may go.

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