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Lifespace senior living communities


A non-profit organization currently operating 12 communities in seven states, Lifespace Communities is home to purpose-driven seniors who lead rich, fulfilling lives. With a mission to celebrate the lives of seniors and provide each resident with freedom and opportunity, Lifespace Communities works to ensure that its locations offer amenities that can meet a wide range of needs. As more day-to-day services and entertainment options go online, this goal also includes equipping residents with a secure, fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection in order to enhance convenience and guarantee their ability to remain connected to the world around them.


the Older Americans Technology Service indicated that approximately half of U.S. seniors have a broadband internet connection at home, and that 75 percent use it as a means to easily communicate with friends and family. Another 58 percent indicated that they pay for an internet service to shop online, while another 53 percent cited the ability to locate information about healthcare or medical issues as a primary reason for using the internet. When relocating to a senior living community, such needs are unlikely to change. With such trends becoming more readily identified by professionals within the senior living industry, Lifespace Communities leadership therefore understood that online connectivity would continue to grow as a significant deciding factor for where seniors ultimately choose to live. As a result, the organization sought out the expertise of Hotel Internet Services to implement a solution that while cost-effective, could produce a high quality Wi-Fi service that its senior residents now expect.

“As other age groups increasingly look to enhance daily life and convenience via high-speed internet, an often overlooked aspect is that seniors stand to benefit just as much if not more from being online, with statistics indicating this fact time and again via rising adoption numbers,” said Gary Patrick, CEO of Hotel Internet Services. “As seniors continue to age and certain routines such as buying groceries or going to the movies become increasingly difficult to accomplish, the internet is serving as a vital means to ensure that their high quality of life continues. We are proud to work alongside Lifespace Communities in addressing this critical need, and look forward to ensuring that their residents can rely on a fast and stable Wi-Fi connection at all times.”

As a leading Wi-Fi service provider for an array of markets including senior living, hospitality and student housing, HIS is sought out for its industry expertise in providing properties with cost-effective results that fully address concerns related to internet speed, bandwidth and quality consistency. HIS is also recognized for its 24-hour support and ability to tailor its solutions to address specific issues, including structural limitations such as thick walls, a lack of fiber optic wiring or the need to provide Wi-Fi for large coverage areas.


  • Implement a Wi-Fi network at several Lifespace Communities that is capable of catering to resident needs for a fast and stable internet connection.
  • Ensure that resident satisfaction is maintained via effective support services.


  • Leverage HIS expertise of overcoming structural limitations such as thick walls or large coverage areas to ensure a strong and consistent Wi-Fi signal throughout the communities.
  • Utilize HIS 24-hour nationwide support in order to maintain high connectivity standards at each community location.
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