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Bishop Gadsden Episcopal Retirement Community – Charleston, South Carolina


A vibrant 100-acre life plan community located near Charleston, South Carolina, Bishop Gadsden Episcopal Retirement Community is renowned for its picturesque surroundings and luxury amenities. A property that seeks to provide its residents with the highest level of satisfaction, Bishop Gadsden boasts a wellness center, several gourmet dining options and an on-site clinic, to name a few example of services offered. Yet recognizing the vital importance that today’s senior citizens place on a stable internet connection, community leadership soon began seeking out a means to enhance their Wi-Fi services in order to meet resident expectations.


Previously using inefficient equipment to transmit Wi-Fi signals throughout the community, Bishop Gadsden understood that for its senior residents to be able to communicate with others or carry out daily tasks, an update to its internet services was vital in order to maintain high satisfaction levels. Agreeing with HIS recommendations, Bishop Gadsden decided to revamp its internet infrastructure using the Ruckus SmartZone 100 Controller and Ruckus 510 802.11AC Smart Wi-Fi Dual-Band access points.

Staff and residents have since noted a considerable jump in bandwidth, with the wellness center, for example, demonstrating a rise from 50Mbps to over 200Mbps. Since the implementation, Bishop Gadsden residents have continued to voice praise for the new network capabilities, significantly noting the reliability, strength and speed of online connectivity throughout the entire premises.

Bishop Gadsden is also taking advantage of HIS’ Property Dashboard, a proprietary portal that provides clients with the unmatched ability to maintain direct control over every aspect of Internet performance at all times. With the HIS Property Dashboard, Bishop Gadsden can effortlessly view and analyze vital data, such as the number of users online, support tickets, revenue generated through Wi-Fi purchases, the amount of broadband being utilized or the operational status of each segment of a property’s network; thus, maximizing the potential to consistently deliver the highest quality in resident Internet service and maintain complete satisfaction.

“Providing a consistent and fast internet connection is something that simply is not up for negotiation in today’s world where virtually everyone regardless of age or background, seeks to access online services to communicate with the wider world…. Partnering with HIS has proven to be a pivotal factor in not only providing residents with a service that they can fully trust to carry out daily tasks, such as paying bills or communicating with friends and family, but also has been essential for us in order to run a seamless operation and attract new residents.”

Bernard Krafsig Director of information technology at Bishop Gadsden

In addition to boosting resident satisfaction and convenience, HIS Wi-Fi’s speed and signal stability has further been credited with facilitating Bishop Gadsden’s ongoing marketing efforts in order to expand its community. The presence of a reliable internet connection has also led to enhanced operational efficiency by providing staff with seamless access to Bishop Gadsden-owned mobile devices and software programs.


  • Upgrade Bishop Gadsden’s existing Wi-Fi network to ensure a fast, seamless and reliable connection throughout the entire property.
  • Implement a solution that provides staff with the ability to monitor internet performance and usage.
  • Ensure that improvements made to the community’s internet also result in enhanced operational efficiency for staff members.


  • Implement Ruckus SmartZone 100 Controller and Ruckus 510 802.11AC Smart Wi-Fi Dual-Band access points to ensure consistent signal strength in all areas.
  • Leveraging the presence of HIS’ Property Dashboard to analyze the amount of broadband being used and maintain oversight over overall network health.
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