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New San Francisco hotel features advanced guest Wi-Fi

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Hotel Internet Services, a full-service provider of internet services and solutions for the hospitality industry, has announced the successful implementation of a cutting-edge guest Wi-Fi network at Hotel Caza in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf.

As a new construction project, Hotel Caza required the installation of all network components necessary to provide guests with a functioning Wi-Fi service. However, recognizing the high priority that guests place on being able to receive a fast, reliable and secure connection, Hotel Caza turned to its hotel management company to identify a provider that could achieve such results in order to safeguard the property’s reputation. As a preferred vender, Hotel Internet Services was fully recommended due to the company’s track record of delivering what is requested, ensuring a swift implementation and offering responsive support to maintain a high-quality network service at all times.

To ensure that all Hotel Caza guests could access a strong and high-performance Wi-Fi signal regardless of their on-site location, HIS technicians recommended the implementation of advanced Ruckus access point technology within strategic areas throughout the property. HIS further implemented its propriety Property Dashboard. This advanced platform functions as a comprehensive portal that provides direct control over every aspect of network performance at all times. With the HIS Property Dashboard, Hotel Caza staff can instantly review the amount of bandwidth being utilized as well as the operational status of each segment of the network. Using a virtual map that can provide network status updates in real-time, the HIS Property Dashboard allows employees to instantly locate the origins of a troubleshooting issue, such as a malfunctioning floor switch or guestroom access point. Staff can then instantly dispatch maintenance teams to the appropriate location to correct the issue before it has a chance to significantly affect guest satisfaction.

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