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Whether running a largescale hotel business or a small independent property, internet bandwidth is the one thing that every hospitality-based organization seems to need more of. Today’s hotel guests are not only bringing more personal devices, each requiring internet access, they’re also expecting WiFi networks to be able to support bandwidth-intensive activities like content streaming and video chat. Combine that with more hotels adopting IoT-based solutions such as smart thermostats or lights, and it soon becomes clear that industry businesses require robust network technologies able to keep pace with ever-increasing demands on bandwidth resources.

As hospitality’s leading network solutions provider, Hotel Internet Services has both the technology and expertise to keep hotel operations seamlessly connected and guest online experiences always of the highest standard.

Whether your business requires 100 Mbps or 10 Gbps of network bandwidth, HIS provides the online resources and services you need to always make high-speed, reliable and secure internet access a guarantee:

  • 24/7 network performance monitoring
  • Bandwidth throttling to minimize online traffic congestion
  • Bandwidth prioritization for selected devices & systems
  • Proactive protection against cybersecurity risks
  • Assistance & support with managing network connectivity for events

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