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Hoteliers already have an array of daily responsibilities they need to balance, so monitoring and managing WiFi network performance can quickly translate into a complex and daunting task. Yet for today’s guests, the guarantee of a reliable, fast and secure WiFi service remains a top priority that hoteliers must achieve to earn their business and satisfaction. With property reputations and revenues on the line,  it’s never been as vital to partner with a reputable hospitality WiFi provider with the resources to oversee and identify any network issues at all times and as soon as they arise.

At Hotel Internet Services, we are proud to serve as the industry’s leading and most trusted network monitoring services provider. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, our experienced network monitoring technicians stand ready to work with each customer in fully understanding their needs to ensure that results always align with expectations.  With proactive real-time monitoring of access points, switches, modems, gateways, bandwidth lines and much more, Let HIS act as your ultimate key to maintaining high-speed online connectivity that never leaves any guest feeling dissatisfied.

HIS Network Monitoring technicians are even able to continuously monitor and inspect your wireless network’s health via the internet, meaning you never have to and without requiring a time-consuming onsite visit! If equipment failure or a drop in bandwidth performance occurs, HIS immediately goes to work to identify the root cause of an issue while keeping property personnel in the loop. By also providing instant access to professional troubleshooting support, HIS can often swiftly resolve a wide range of issues before guest experiences or business operations are affected.

Don’t let sudden dips in WiFi performance stand in your way.

Providing your guests with a continuously seamless online experience! Contact HIS today to see how our unmatched network monitoring services can guarantee that guests are always satisfied with the quality of your hotel’s WiFi connection!

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