Analytics Dashboard

One-of-a-kind, cutting-edge, industry leading analytics dashboard

Enhance personal streaming experiences with data-rich tools & insight

With the innovative and cutting-edge Analytics Dashboard, gain instant and real-time detailed insight into the performance and success of your in-room entertainment strategies. From a single user-friendly interface, managers can effortlessly monitor the number of devices being used and can determine the total number of usage hours per month to ensure that available resources always match demand. Using the same dashboard, management can also analyze the performance of each individual device in order to identify and correct potential issues standing in the way of a seamless and uninterrupted streaming experience.

A feature designed with the connectivity needs of properties in mind, the our Analytics Dashboard further provides the ability to analyze Wi-Fi signal quality throughout the entire property.
Managers can effortlessly identify an access point that with a lapse in online speeds and connection strength, ensuring that a solution can be implemented before a drop in business reputations is experienced.


  • Effortless system tracking & management via personal dashboard
  • Access to user-friendly analytics that track & manage usage
  • Insight on customer content streaming preferences
  • Exportable reports for insight into the success of in-room entertainment strategies
  • Multiple options to view and analyze data according to personal preference

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Centralized device management doesn’t just translate into a superior streaming experience for your customers, it also means enhanced efficiency and substantial time-savings for your technical teams. With all performance checks and device alerts accessible at the push of a button, allow your staff to instantly sidestep needless guesswork and instead focus on delivering an experience that’s truly exceptional and always exceeds expectations.