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Meeting planners require reliable and customizable wired/wireless internet access for their conferences, seminars, and meetings.

Convention Services

Hosting conventions, conferences and other physically-held events is one of the most profitable decisions that a hotelier can make. In fact, 85 percent of such meetings within the US take place in a hotel setting and generate more than 275 million guest night stays annually. Yet for today’s interconnected world, hosting an event successfully above all else means addressing demands for high-performance internet, with 94 percent of event planners citing reliable WiFi as a requirement. At Hotel Internet Services and as the industry’s leading provider of next-generation network connectivity, let our unmatched expertise and technology guide you towards an online experience that boosts both hotel business reputations and revenue.

Hotel Internet Services provides the full array of convention and event network-planning tools and services, including supplying dedicated internet bandwidth, WiFi or wired connectivity, enabling enhanced security using virtual private networks, and more. We can even provide a dedicated team of IT specialists during an event, ensuring a seamless online experience for all while addressing any specific attendee/event planner requests the moment they arise.

From conferences and seminars to business meetings and concerts, internet access quality can make or break an event’s success. Earn a reputation as the ultimate venue of choice by leaving you event’s connectivity needs to the experts at Hotel Internet Services!

Delivering seamless WiFi experiences is a continuous commitment.

Trust our industry expertise & 24/7 availability to ensure that your network continues to keep guests and customers fully satisfied.

Conference Services

Conference Services

As the industry’s leading network technology innovators, Hotel Internet Services also makes achieving event connectivity goals easy with our Conference Planner.

Planning and ensuring the success of online networks for each conference can involve tremendous coordination in order to guarantee full satisfaction and the ability to attract future conference reservations. With such high stakes and with hoteliers often having to coordinate multiple upcoming conferences, we fully understands the critical need for a solution that provides the ability to track conference connectivity planning efforts at all times.

The HIS Conference Planner is therefore specifically designed to serve as a user-friendly, centralized system for convention services personnel to rapidly set up and schedule network needs for conferences and conventions. Created using detailed insight on the conference industry’s most frequent connectivity planning requirements.

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Schedule conferences in advance
Schedule conferences by date, hours of the day and days of the week
Quickly view each conferences’ details through the dashboard
Create new conferences in minutes, including the login credential, bandwidth, and number of users
Create recurring conferences with the click of a button
View the conference schedule through the monthly, weekly or daily calendar
Bypass the login page for videoconferencing devices and other browser-less equipment
View bandwidth graphs for each convention space
View and download detailed reports, including usage, types of devices and more
Configure switch ports to work with public IP addresses

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