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Complete MDU TV Entertainment Solution

The BeyondTV Entertainment Solution

Our release of BeyondTV has been nothing short of revolutionary enabling tenants to program their own tenant experience to their expectations. In a world where user experience is of utmost importance, BeyondTV takes it to the next level. It is the complete in-room entertainment solution.

Your residents will be let loose on a platform of infinite interactivity immediately enriching their home experience. They have their laptops, smart phones, watches and tablets. They carry their own content whether it be Pandora®, YouTube® or Hulu®, etc. They chat with friends on Facebook®, LinkedIn®, and Twitter®. They consult Yelp®, TripAdvisor®, and others. They link to today’s most popular applications.

The revolutionary BeyondTV solution allows you to provide your tenants with a complete entertainment solution right in their home, while also providing access to your property amenities and services and increasing tenant satisfaction.

BeyondTV in hotel room

BeyondTV is the TV system that enables your residents to:

  • Cast content from any Apple® or Android® mobile device, or laptop to the television in the room. Users can view their own personal content like videos, movies and photos or listen to their own music as well as cast content from their own subscriptions.
  • Securely stream content from their own subscriptions directly on the room’s television.
  •  Access most major apps such as Pandora®, Hulu®, Facebook®, Yelp® and many others, empowering your guests to watch and listen to what they want – when they want!
  • Access most property amenities including housekeeping, in-room dining, spa, valet, transportation, express checkout and other concierge services.
  • Access the Internet, enabling your tenants to surf the web, answer email, post on social media, etc.

BeyondTV is also a natural medium for local and national advertising providing your establishment with additional revenue! The BeyondTV system platform provides the MDU industry with a cost- effective TV entertainment solution that many consumers have become accustomed.


Crucial to providing property owners with a platform that will be successfully adopted by tenants, BeyondTV’s built-in security measures ensure that all user login and password information is continuously protected. Unlike Smart TVs, each BeyondTV platform operates on a guestroom’s private network and automatically deletes all user information upon residents logging out. For added peace-of-mind, tenants can also manually delete personal data at any time with the click of the TV remote.